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We offer the bouldering lesson course: starter lesson for beginners.

Although some people start bouldering without basic skills, they can top out easier levels of bouldering routes.

Therefore, if you just enjoy bouldering a few times, it is fine.

However, if you want to try harder levels, we recommend the starter lesson at first.

Three steps to enjoy climbing

Learn the basics

You can’t improve in any sport or study without the basics, right?

Climbing (bouldering) as well.

The starter lessons are divided into two sessions and cover the basics and techniques.

Practise in the gym

Once you have learned the basics, you just keep on climbing!

To think about how to climb to the top is an important factor, but lack of strength to control your weight, you will not be able to move as you wish!
The shortest way to developing this ability is just continue practising at least once a week.

Thus, we prepare a special plan for the first month.

  • Continuing Course for Adults
  • Kids School for age 6 to 15

Climbing the real thing (rocks)

When you getting used to climbing in the gym, let’s try in the nature!

Rock climbing (

outdoor)school is open for beginners to advanced people.

Starter lessons can be booked using the button below.

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