Usage Fees


All prices include tax.

Payment Method

  • credit card
  • QR code settlement
  • transportation-related IC card
  • Bank transfer (transfer fee to be borne by the customer)
  • cash

School and lessons

Starter lessons for 13+
Adults  ¥12,000
Age 13 to 18 ¥11,000
Continuing Course for Adults¥11,000/month
Starter lesson for Kids
Age 6 to 12 ¥10,000
kids’ school¥6600/month 4times(group lessons)
¥8250/month 8times(group lessons)
¥8800/month junior high school students (no limited)
¥13200/month 4times(private lessons)


Initial membership registration fee¥2,000
※Reservations required
This fee is only for the first-time customers.
Same-day use (all day)¥2,200/all day
age 6 to 15 (1hour)¥1,650
Guests(traveller)¥3,000 *Limited to those who only use it once.

Monthly Memberships :Adult

Any time¥12,650
weekdays daytime¥11,000(12:00-16:00)

After read “CONDITIONS OF USE and RULESS” you can choose “starter lesson booking or First time member registration booking” or “monthly pass/kids school fee or Existing members pre-payment” buttons.

Rental Fee

Liquid chalk¥100
*Only liquid chalk can be used. Powdered chalk is not allowed.
●Members should prepare their own.
●Free of charge for starter-lesson attendees.