kids’ school

Keep climbing

This course consists of 40 minutes of weekly practice after graduation from the starter lesson.

Climbing is a sport of concentration that also uses your brain! By thinking for yourself and completing the tasks given to you, you will improve your ability to think and concentrate. Gradually tackle harder challenges, and when you’re ready to climb, challenge yourself on real rocks at the Outdoor School!

How to join the kids’school

  1. First, take a kids’ starter lesson.
  2. After graduation from starter lesson, students can join the kids’school.
  3. When you are ready to climb well, you can join an outdoor school.


Although climbing as an athletic sport has attracted a lot of attention since it became an Olympic sport, it is not the only way to enjoy climbing.

It is a sport where you not only feel a sense of achievement when you are able to climb a task (course) or do a move you couldn’t do, but also find it interesting while challenging yourself to do something you can’t do.

In addition, the kids’ bouldering competitions held once a year and the outdoor school, where children climb natural rocks, offer difficulties and fun that are different from those of everyday practice, and provide an experience that you can’t get anywhere else.


Many people first try climbing in parks and leisure facilities and are happy to feel a sense of achievement that they can climb! Many people start climbing because they are happy with the feeling of achievement, but the challenges in gyms are too difficult to climb without practising a few times.

Parents who have never climbed before are often seen giving advice, but if the position of the feet and the way the body is used are not correct, not only will the climber not be able to climb, they may also get injured.

If you understand that climbing, like any other sport, requires practice to improve and that it is a sport with rules, you will get off to a good start.

Date and time of the kids’shool

  • Maximum practice time of 40 minutes per session.
  • Any combination of the following times is possible within the following timeframes.
  • Parents and other visitors not allowed .
Thu.15:00〜19:00 (18:00〜advanced student)
Fri.15:00〜19:00 (18:00〜advanced student)
15:00〜17:00(advance reservation required)
15:00〜17:00(advance reservation required)

※Saturday and Sunday afternoons are by appointment only. Please contact us on LINE app. in advance.

Fees (monthly)

Primary school class 1 per week:6600yen(Up to 4 times a month)
Primary school class 2 per week:8250yen(Up to 8 times a month)

Junior high school class:8800yen(Unlimited number of dates and times)

Special classes for elementary and junior high school students (private practice with instructor):
13200yen(Up to 4 times a month)advance reservation required

※Please also complete the application information form separately from the above application payment.

Other expenses

We ask you to buy shoes as the only equipment you need is climbing shoes.

LINE app. registration request

Notifications of kids’ schools are notified on LINE. After joining, please register so that we can keep in touch with you.