Starter lesson

About starter lesson

This is a set of two privates lessons for first-time climbers or those with only a few times of climbing experience to learn the basics of climbing.
We will carefully teach you how to put on shoes, how to use your hands and feet, and how to move your body.
For those who have not exercised at all, the first lesson will give you the feeling that you have exercised enough, but for those who have exercised, it will feel like it is not enough. Climbing gives you an adrenaline rush and makes you want to do more! but while you are taking lessons, we limit you to 50 minutes per lesson at the most. (Minimum 30 minutes)

Climbing is a sport where you practice hard and learn to climb little by little, so let’s not rush into it!


  • How to wear shoes that don’t hurt
  • How to use your arms
  • Correct foot placement
  • How to shift weight transfer
  • How to make observations (think about how to climb before you climb)


  • Confirmation of weight shift
  • Various movements

About Starter Lessons for Adults

Whether you are a good sportsman or have never exercised at all, we will tailor lessons to suit you. I want to climb properly! If you want to learn how to climb, we will be there for you.

About Starter Lessons for Elementary School Students

Students from 1st grade and up are welcome to attend, but please do not cry or listen to the instructor without a parent or guardian present.

Basically, parents are not allowed to observe lessons.

Web Reservation & Payment

Please arrange your schedule so that the two lessons can be completed within one month. If you have a special reason, please contact us. (If we do not hear from you, we will not be able to make reservations or refunds after several months.)

※For the second appointment, we will ask you to schedule after the first session is completed. (Reservations can be made after the first session.)

If you want to continue more after the starter lesson, you can sign up for the adult continuation course or the kids’ school.

Non-web Reservation Methods

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or if there is no desired time slot on the web appointment calendar, please contact us on LINE or by phone.
We may be able to accommodate you.

What to bring

Please wear a clothes that comfortable to move around in(or bring a change of clothes), light socks and drink (even a little exercise makes you thirsty!)

Lesson Time

Each lesson will last approximately 30-50 minutes.

Parents are not allowed to observe during kids’ starter lessons.


Payment is required in advance.
Admission fee, 2 lessons, and rental shoes are all included: Adults ¥12,000, Junior and Senior High School Students ¥11,000, Elementary School Students ¥10,000!

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation fees will be charged as follows.
Please be careful when making a reservation.
Cancellation fee: 50% of the starter lesson fee

*No refunds after the lesson has started.
*If you have a sudden health condition, we can change the schedule, please contact us.