Continuing Course for Adults

Starter lesson class graduates only! 
Value for money courses for those who want to continue to get better.

After the starter lesson, you can choose the practice method that suits you best. Even if you learn a lot, you won’t get better if you don’t climb until it becomes a habit. It’s hard to stay motivated in the beginning, but we’ll support you for the first month if you want!

This special pass is available for JPY 11,000 per month (tax included), which is more affordable than the visitor rate, and comes with instructor supervision! (Limited to the first month after graduation)

1. Watching training course recommended!

Practise with advice.

Those who can only come once a week and take time to get used to it.

If you find it difficult to crimb by yourself, you can work through the boulder problems with your instructor.

*If you would like face-to-face instruction, we can arrange a personalised schedule.

2. Self-training course

Try “boulder problems” by yourself and get better!

Those who must climb at least twice a week and can proceed with tasks(boulder problems ) by themselves

Beginners are not able to climb long hours at a time, so better to come often(2-3times a week)and climb in 30min-1hour.