Various applications & payments

Automatic renewal (monthly) application

The application will be used for one month from the date of application settlement and will be settled on the same date each month.
For more information, please see the new system after the renewal.

Please also fill in the application information form separately from the application below.

Kids’ schools (elementary and junior high school)

Only those who have completed a starter lesson can apply.
Please check the dates and times on the kids’ school details page.

Primary schools kids school Once a week Course

月謝 ¥6,600

Primary schools kids school Twice a week Course

月謝 ¥8,250

Junior high school kids’ school Unlimited number of sessions

月謝 ¥8,800

Special classes for elementary and junior high school kids’ schools

月謝 ¥13,200


Monthly Membership:Adult



Only weekday daytime(8:00-16:00)


Only weekends


Continuation course after completion of starter lessons (1 month special price)





Initial membership registration fee


Same-day use (all day)


Initial registration + same-day use (all day)


Same-day use(kids/1h)



nitial registration + same-day use(kids/1h)



Rental shoes