How to use our gym

The gym entrance will be locked during non lesson & school hours due to staff absence, but members who have already registered their keys will be able to use the gym.

*No reservation is required after key registration is completed.
*If you have not used the key for more than one year since your last use, we will suspend the use of the key.

After read “CONDITIONS OF USE and RULESS” you can choose “starter lesson booking or First time member registration booking” or “monthly pass/kids school fee or Existing members pre-payment” buttons.

Pre-installation of the dedicated smartphone application

Please download the dedicated smartphone app from here and register with NinjaLock (this is not a membership registration to Exciting Sancha) in advance. This will make it easier for you to register when you visit the store.



Monthly Membership / Kids School Membership

Monthly membership fees and kids school monthly fee will be automatically changed to credit card payment through this service every month.

Your credit card will be debited every month on the date of application (the date of payment).

(e.g., a monthly pass contract signed on 11/01 will be automatically renewed on 12/01. If you wish to cancel, you must do so before the renewal date. If you cancel, you will be able to use the gym in the same way until 12/01, although no refunds will be made in the middle of the month. (Please follow the cancellation procedure on the day of renewal (1 month before).

If you are unable to accept credit card payment by any means, please contact us individually.

*The payment is made by a service called Square.

This key will not be issued to elementary school students in the Kids School.
Staff will be waiting for you to unlock the door.

A card key will be issued to junior high school students in the kids’ school.

Pay-as-you-go service

For those who are not using the monthly pass but using the same-day usage fee, shoe rental, etc., a file with QR codes for each payment method will be available at the reception desk during staff-unattended hours.

Please process payments with staff when they are available

(Only credit card payment is accepted during staff-unattended hours. During staffed hours, cash, QR payment, transportation IC card payment, and credit card payment are accepted.)

Advance payment can also be made through the following link

New to climbing?

For first-time climbers, we recommend that both adults and children take starter lessons.

If you wish to register as a new member and use the facility without lessons, please make a reservation for new membership.
*Please select the reservation for the issuance of an entrance key (membership request or existing membership) on the reservation page.

About guest use (for those who wish to use the service only once without membership registration)

If you are not a member and wish to use the room only once (e.g., if you are coming from far away), please make a reservation for guest use.

About Boulder “problems” (use Satellite app)

Except for Starter Lesson and Kids School problems, we don’t put stickers on the wall; we have changed to offer them through Satellite, a climbing gym’s problem management app. Please download this app and follow exciting sancha.

For those who do not have access to the app, don’t worry, you can also print it out and review the assignment file in the gym.

Satellite is a great way to keep track of how well you’ve completed each assignment!